Iconic design.
With sensuous clarity.

Ameluna tells a story that extends beyond the object itself.

The pioneering lighting concept is based on an opto-electronic innovation that is harmoniously integrated into the transparent lamp body. The patented Ameluna lighting technology does not need central light source, and this creates an attractively mysterious light reminiscent of the bioluminescent creatures in an underwater world.

It all started with the fascination of nature. Living beings in the depths of the ocean have the ability to generate light – and the type of light that they create was a vital inspiration for the development of Ameluna.

The design developed by Mercedes-Benz Style combines this intelligent practicality with beauty and emotional appeal. The body of the lamp, whose dynamic layout was also inspired by the underwater world, looks like a perfect circle. However, the volume exhibits a tensioned surface which, depending on the viewing angle, is characterised by a dynamic curve. Suspended from three wafer-thin support wires, the lamp appears to float in space. Ameluna creates variable light and colour moods as required – acknowledging the individuality of lifestyles today.

Carlotta de Bevilacqua

Ameluna is something completely out of the ordinary: It is the light originated by a transparent element in the shape of a pure yet sensuous form – coupled with the ability to interact with the environment.

Carlotta de Bevilacqua
Vice President Artemide