The Tolomeo-Family

The filigree construction, the simple yet elegant aluminium finish and the conical shade are the unmistakable, archetypal hallmarks of the Tolomeo. The Tolomeo exhibits in the retrospective presented the evolution of the Tolomeo lamp, from its very beginnings to the latest models which are no longer restricted merely to desktop use.



Table Lamps

Tolomeo LED
Tolomeo micro
Tolomeo basculante
Tolomeo mega tavolo

Floor Lamps

Tolomeo terra/Tolomeo lettura
Tolomeo basculante lettura
Tolomeo mega

Wall Lamps

Tolomeo parete
Tolomeo basculante parete
Tolomeo faretto
Tolomeo diffusore parete
Tolomeo mega parete
Tolomeo Pinza

Pendant Lamps

Tolomeo decentrata sospensione
Tolomeo due bracci pergamena sospensione
Tolomeo mega sospensione


Tolomeo lampione/paralume outdoor
Tolomeo lampione/paralume hook outdoor
Tolomeo lampione/paralume sospensione outdoor
Tolomeo XXL

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