A light for a safe environment

Light has a positive effect on people and the quality of their surroundings. Light inspires and stimulates the senses, makes us happy and improves productivity.

INTEGRALIS® is a revolutionary light technology that protects our greatest asset: our health!

Tolomeo INTEGRALIS<sup>®</sup>

Integrated in the iconic Tolomeo designer lamps, INTEGRALIS® combines optimal lighting performance and design aesthetics with a disinfectant effect.

Never before has it been this easy to prevent germs on surfaces – simply with light!

The technology

INTEGRALIS® is the product of the scientific and technological research carried out by Artemide and the humanistic and social vision of the company.

In a time in which pandemics pose an increasing risk to our health, INTEGRALIS® offers an innovative solution to effortless and safe room hygiene.


Battling bacteria with light

Only certain wavelengths of light contain the right energy to combat the growth of pathogenic germs. In the violet-blue wavelength range, the light develops a germ-killing effect against pathogenic microorganisms.

Thanks to intelligent light technology, this containment and eradication happens in a way that is not harmful for people, pets or plants – and without damaging any of the furniture or other objects in the room.

The right light wavelengths

With INTEGRALIS® Artemide is able to use light to disinfect surfaces without relinquishing perfect light quality. The Tolomeo INTEGRALIS® lamp uses an intelligent light combination in the visible wavelength range which allows the integration of violet light – totally invisible to the human eye.


These precisely metered light components prevent the spread of microorganisms and INTEGRALIS® achieves a perfect balance between optimal visual comfort and disinfection. As a result, the Tolomeo INTEGRALIS® lamp offers the same excellent light quality as Tolomeo lamps with conventional LED light sources. A pleasant colour temperature of 3600 K at 80 CRI gives optimal lighting quality that meets all the requirements for workplace lighting.

In the home office and particularly in the professional working environment, the INTEGRALIS® technology offers greater safety in the workplace. Open-plan offices and co-working spaces are subject to frequent use and many visitors. This is where the disinfectant light effect of INTEGRALIS® has an important role to play in satisfying the latest technical and hygienic requirements – while maintaining the best light quality.

Scientific know-how

Estimates suggest that the dust in a household can contain up to 500 or even 1000 different types of microbes, which form a complex microbial world in indoor spaces. In turn, these microbes affect human microbiota and thus our health and illnesses (Shan et al., 2019).

The INTEGRALIS® radiation causes photooxidative stress in bacteria cells. Endogenous bacteria molecules are stimulated and can trigger the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as hydrogen peroxide and ·OH (hydroxyl radicals). These destroy macromolecules such as DNA, RNA, proteins and lipids and have a negative effect on cellular integrity, causing the bacteria to die off.

Diagram of photooxidative stress in bacteria cells, which is triggered by blue light

Illustration Bakterie

A. Radiation of the bacterial cells can trigger the activation of the endogenous photosensitisers (grey dots).

Illustration Bakterie

B. These can be produced by the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), ·OH ((hydroxyl radical) and O2 (superoxide anion).

Illustration Bakterie

C. Degradation of biomolecules resulting in the death of the bacteria.

Diagram of the microbiological effect on bacteria of light with a wavelength of 405 nm

When researching the action mechanism of light, Artemide was supported by specialist research institutes such as the University of Padua and the University of Insubrien. Alongside the scientific findings on the effect of light on potentially pathogenic microorganisms, these collaborations helped translate the scientific findings into applied research in order to develop and verify the patented INTEGRALIS® technology.

Further options for INTEGRALIS® technology

INTEGRALIS® can be integrated in a multitude of lamps and lighting systems in the Artemide Collection. Lamps such as Ilio, Mimesi, Pipe, Athena, Nur, Nur Acoustic, A.39, Tagora, Sharp, Vector and Discovery combine exceptional design with optimal visual comfort and hygienic wellbeing.

INTEGRALIS® is an open and versatile platform that combines four independent lighting solutions of different intensities and can include an optional UV technology, which reliably kills viruses. The various methods can be applied individually or in combination, and can be adapted to suit the relevant purpose, performance, time and results required.

INTEGRALIS® is a pioneering solution for many applications, including hotels and restaurants, office buildings, shops, medical facilities, public buildings, schools, sports studios, wellness areas etc.


To my mind, the Tolomeo is the epitome of first-class design.

Why? Its clear, reduced design language is visually attractive and its function has been well thought-out down to the smallest detail. With just one hand you can direct the light exactly where it is needed. Very sophisticated and yet so simple, the perfect desk lamp! As one of the first users I am especially delighted with the Tolomeo INTEGRALIS®. The INTEGRALIS® technology has a disinfecting effect against pathogenic microorganisms and offers me additional protection. Particularly in these times it just gives me a good feeling.

Dr. Georg Emprechtinger, Owner-Manager TEAM 7, Ried im Innkreis

When everything about a product comes together, it can become a true classic, whose design endures despite changing trends.

As architects, what we associate with Artemide is that timeless design language must comply with the demands of modern technology. The Tolomeo is the perfect example of this: since its launch 35 years ago, the lamps have always been kept technically up to date – without any loss of design or quality. In its latest evolution, Artemide has equipped this desk lamp with the new INTEGRALIS® technology, which reduces or even eliminates pathogenic germs on surfaces. Yet another pioneering development while retaining the usual impressive design and lighting quality.

Peter Schmucker, CEO Schmucker und Partner Planungsgesellschaft, Mannheim

The combination of light and hygiene is particularly groundbreaking for medical areas.

Hygiene plays a crucial role in medical care – whether it is in a hospital setting or in the outpatient sector. In INTEGRALIS®, Artemide combines impeccable hygiene with optimal illumination – a groundbreaking development for hygiene in healthcare. And fitting the design icon Tolomeo with this technology is ingenious.

Dr. Wolfgang Cordier
Senior consultant at the Clinic of Orthopaedics and Special Orthopaedic Surgery at St Josef’s Hospital in Wuppertal
Head of the German Centre of Hip Surgery
Head of the Endoprosthetics Medical Centre in Wuppertal