Models, Sketches, Products

Michele De Lucchi is now regarded as one of the most influential designers and architects of today. The exhibits in the retrospective documented his incredibly diverse creative oeuvre through architectural models, sketches and products.

Architectural models

Ever since Michele De Lucchi graduated in architecture from the Politecnico in Milan, he has been setting new benchmarks throughout Europe with his buildings. Time and again, nature provides the inspiration for his designs, producing an architecture that demonstrates a particular poetry above and beyond mere functionality, and yet which always serves the needs of its users.

Il Tronco
Centro Guida Sicura
Pavillon Zero
Expo Center

Tolomeo Sketches

Michele De Lucchi does his thinking with a pencil in his hand. Completely free of constraints, he comes up with solutions for technical and design problems, or ex- ecutes sketches. His sketchbook is never far away, and he has filled over 50 jotters
over the course of 40 years. They alone would fill an entire exhibition.
“I probably chose my profession because I want to hold a pencil every day”, he admitted in an interview with Peter-Phil- ipp Schmitt from the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper, in which the article appeared under the title “Il Maestro and his pencil”.
So it is hardly surprising that the Tolo- meo lamp and its numerous versions has been the subject of drawings for years. Step for step, details are inspired and sur- faces described. Michele De Lucchi’s style of drawing is swift and light, but always precise.

Number 11
Number 12
Number 13
Number 14
Number 15

Produzione Privata Furniture

Michele De Lucchi has written design history – because he himself is able to read the story of design, to interpret it and to cast it in new moulds each time. Alongside his creations for Artemide, he has designed furniture and home accessories for all sorts of brands – and created icons in the process.

Tavolo Benedetto
Tavolo San Vigilio
Sedia Gala


How is it possible to rethink and improve something that everyone else thinks has long since come to an end? This was the question that Michele De Lucchi asked himself when he redesigned everyday objects such as an espresso maker or a tray for the Alessi brand – producing wonderfully unusual results.

Vassoio "Quattro muri e due case"/realizzato in legno di bambù

Bathroom fittings

What happens if mundane things such as the taps on a washbasin are treated as an architectural project? A systematic, design-oriented attitude runs as a continuous thread through Michele De Lucchi's work – and also determines the design of his unusual bathroom fittings.

Collezione 130

Other Artemide lamps

Alongside the modern classic, Tolomeo, Michele De Lucchi has also developed many other lamps for Artemide – from the iconic Castore lamp to his latest major concept, Ipno, a suspended lamp made of mouth-blown glass that creates an almost magical lighting effect.

Castore tavolo
Castore terra
Castore sospensione
Dioscuri tavolo
Dioscuri parete/soffitto
Logico tavolo
Logico parete
Logico soffitto
Logico sospensione
LED Net sospensione
LED Net soffitto
Logico Garden