My Tolomeo story

Anika Pries

"On the pulse of time" work. I work on my blog at lot in my office at home, and I myself think beautifully designed, individually furnished surroundings are just as important here. When I'm doing my research in the evening, the Tolomeo on my desk is my constant companion.

Its light creates a feeling of sheer happiness in me: When I sit down at my desk, click on my Tolomeo and calmly start my work, I can relax in the soft light of the Tolomeo, lean back and let my thoughts run free! It produces a wonderfully feel-good atmosphere and allows me to think creatively, to write freely and develop new ideas for my blog.

Reinventing oneself all the time, but never becoming distorted – this is my motto in life, and this is how I create my blog. And the Tolomeo embodies this belief too! It can twist in all directions, but it isn't a slave to every fashion – yet it always looks modern. It makes me feel that I have my finger "on the pulse of time".

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