My Tolomeo story

Garbiele Thal

“I've known the Tolomeo lamp for a long time.

One of my university professors had it on the desk of his study in the "Philosophers'' Tower". Anyone who is familiar with the campus of Hamburg University knows that this 1960s building is no beauty, even if it is the home of the arts and aesthetics. I was all the more taken aback by the functional yet elegant lamp in the bleak room.

I later saw it again on a desk – the desk of the man that is now my husband. It still stands there today – in the home that we now share together. He also has the Tolomeo as a reading lamp by the bed, and if it had been left up to him, we would also have had it ages ago in the living room. But it was only allowed in there after it had cast off the home office look and made itself socially acceptable: in the XXL version and with a parchment shade. As a result of the latter, wonderfully soft light now falls across the dining table, as this is where the Tolomeo Mega, rather than a pendant lamp, provides illumination.

An overreach lamp rather than a pendant lamp if you have no ceiling outlet! This is the kind of creative solution that I also recommend in my magazine when readers turn to me for advice. In the home, as in life, compromises are often essential – and sometimes they produce the best results! Happy Birthday!”

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