My Tolomeo story


For me as an artist, good lighting – apart from the temperature of my surroundings – is the most important factor in being able to work creatively.

So it's no coincidence that our Tolomeo Micro is by my favourite spot on the sofa where I like to withdraw from the stress of touring and studio work and play the guitar so I can develop new ideas.
Just recently, working with my partner in the light of the Tolomeo, I wrote the song "Exchange" which means a great deal to me, for our duo protect "Bar Kody". And we might even take the Tolomeo on stage with us next time. To be honest, a few years ago, I didn't know very much about the Tolomeo lamp.

I didn't realise that Michele De Lucchi had designed this lamp for Artemide, but it was obvious that lots of interesting people have one of these lights. I remember that some good friends of my parents, whose house was very tastefully furnished with design classics, had a Tolomeo. I thought to myself that there must be a special reason for this. Today, I know that the Tolomeo is not only a beautiful icon of timeless design, but also that, thanks to its pleasant, dazzle-free light, it also creates a very special lighting atmosphere that's perfect for working creatively.

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