My Tolomeo story

Ludwig Wappner

”This timelessly beautiful and extremely practical lamp has been a constant companion in my life for many years...

... not only in its many variants at home, defining each room, but also in a wide range of uses in the office and in my teaching rooms at the university in Karlsruhe. In 1993, a small number of Tolomeo lamps were among the first design investments for our young architectural practice in Munich. We were won over at the time by its simple design, which still remains unmistakeable today, combined with its superb practicality and very reasonable price. This design classic enriches the function and form of every space and is quite simply always good to look at!

Why does the Tolomeo fascinate so many design-minded people? One explanation, for me, is that, apart from its timeless elegance, it visibly presents the flow of its power so wonderfully simply and clearly. Whatever position you move it to, it never looks ugly or distracting. In Michele de Lucchi's superb design, I also keep recognising the architectural spirit of my time as a student, with its structurally defined, delicately implemented early works by Norman Foster, Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano. However, in contrast to these, the Tolomeo is still in line with the spirit of our times in design terms. A timelessly beautiful design icon that will continue to survive for a long time to come.”

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