My Tolomeo story

Markus Jans

As a portrait and fashion photographer, I travel a lot, but I love to retreat to my wonderful house on Lüneburg Heath.

The Tolomeo lamp is clearly present in our home: I have one on my desk, a Tolomeo Mega Terra throws light on the sofa and two Tolomeo wall lights are installed in the bedroom. I particularly like the functionality of the Tolomeo. I think it's interesting that the Tolomeo designer Michele De Lucchi was inspired by the fishing rods of Apulian fishermen, because I too follow the maxim of "form follows function" when I'm photographing. This is also what gave me the idea for the photo shoot: How would it be if I were to portray the lamp like a model and place it in a completely different context – such as the little island in the pond at the back of our house? Unlike pure product photography, in the fashion world it is the mood, the atmosphere that is crucial, rather than having the perfect technical equipment – and that is what I find so exciting about this photo with the morning mist. And alongside this, another series of images was created – photographed through a lens that I found in my daughter's toy box. But that's another very different Tolomeo story ...

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