My Tolomeo story

Melanie Kuglitsch

Unconscious imprinting

"I thought I'd spotted the Tolomeo for the first time on a Scandinavian blog: I was impressed by its shape immediately!

I just love the cool, minimalist and above all the Scandinavian-looking design coupled with cosy accessories and pieces of furniture that make you feel completely at home. If you look online, you often find a Tolomeo in interiors like this…

With its simple, functional yet stylish design, it often contrasts with its surroundings, but ultimately, it fits in harmoniously – in a strange way...
In the end, it was a visit to my aunt that made me realise that my impression was not quite accurate and that I had not suddenly fallen in love with the lamp. I've been familiar with this house ever since I was a child, and I know every corner intimately. At that time, of course, I didn't have much time for design. But now I saw her Tolomeo there on the desk and it suddenly dawned on me that its shape had been with me since my childhood – and had thus unconsciously left its imprint on me.

It's no wonder that the lamp that's always been there is still en vogue today!"

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