My Tolomeo story

Sarah Van Peteghem

A lamp that keeps my thoughts in order

"My Tolomeo stands calmly in a green Parisian courtyard building on my little desk in the living room. This is where I like to sit at night, working on my laptop on blog postings or new ideas for my print and poster designs. Or sometimes I write my "to-do" lists over a cup of coffee. It doesn't matter what I'm working on: The Tolomeo Micro makes everything easier! While I'm sketching out new designs, for example, I shine the light on the paper. Then I feel as if just having this beam of light focuses what's written on the paper and also my thoughts too. The lamp not only illuminates the paper – it also helps me to concentrate.

Because the lamp is so flexible, I often direct it at different surfaces – just by doing this, it can create a new atmosphere. That's why I sometimes switch on the lamp even if I'm not working at my desk, just to create some mood lighting.

The first time that I consciously became aware of the lamp was a few years ago, when we rented an apartment in Paris which also had a Tolomeo in it. I remember that I was attracted to the design immediately. From that moment, its signature lines seemed to pursue me. Researching inspiring interiors for my blog, I saw it again in lots of beautiful rooms, where it kept on adapting to its surroundings.

The lamp has a subtle presence; I like its lightness and agility, and it doesn't scream out for attention. I also like its multifunctionality: If I want to hang the lamp on the wall in the future, I can simply remove the base and get a wall fixing for the same lamp. That's what I like best about it."

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