My Tolomeo story

Till Schneider

”I can remember very clearly when I came across the Tolomeo for the first time: ...

... almost 30 years ago in the "Neuhaus" furniture store in Hanauer Landstraße, Frankfurt, where we were responsible for the interior design in 1989. There were three things I liked about it immediately: firstly, the direct and conceptually indirect lighting through the light bulb, secondly the principle of the material and the serendipity of the individual components – and thirdly, the ingenious, invisible spring mechanism. I find it interesting that the overall structure of the Tolomeo lamp is not easily scalable: At first glance, the large garden lamp is similar in form to the little Mini-Tolomeo – but it's structured quite differently in terms of the way it's produced, its components and its materials. After all, you can't make a mountain out of a molehill! My enthusiasm for the Tolomeo means that I use a number of models today: one in the office and three in my own home. And the best idea that I've had whilst sitting in the light of the Tolomeo lamp? The idea for a new lamp! ”

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