My Tolomeo story

Kaspar Kraemer

”I've been familiar with the Tolomeo lamp for a long time. When I started my second career as an independent architect in 1999...

... and opened my office in Cologne, I had to set up 25 work stations. Because I already owned a Tolomeo privately and really appreciated its design, I provided one for each of the desks. It was a good decision and a wonderful moment – because the new office immediately took on a very cosy character. I'm still fascinated by the sight of it today, especially at our regular house concerts, when the lamps create a very special, lovely lighting atmosphere in the background of the studio. I have often wondered what accounts for the particular charm of the Tolomeo for us architects. I think that the secret lies in its very special use of materials: on the one hand, the matt aluminium shade with its soft, tactile appeal – and on the other, the smooth, shining stem. This creates an exciting contrast, which is nonetheless harmonious as a whole. Ever since I found out that the Tolomeo designer Michele De Lucchi is also an architect, I've been able to understand the aesthetic and practical value of this lamp even better. For me, it is the logical further development of Artemide's Tizio – successfully transformed into an object of timeless elegance.”

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