My Tolomeo story

Kristen de la Vallière

"The Tolomeo provides the stage set for my life. ...

... One of the reasons I moved to Paris is that in this city I feel as if I'm acting in a film. That's why I also have a Tolomeo at home, because it's the best lighting designer I could have. It focuses the light in the room like a spotlight.

Yet my Tolomeo Micro constantly surprises me with the strength of its light. It even manages to light up my apartment with its four-metre-high ceilings. It stands on my desk in a room at the back of the house with floor-length windows looking onto a rose garden. I love it when the desk is filled with wild flowers. They provide a beautiful contrast with the slim, modern design of the Tolomeo that is used here. When I sit here in the evenings working, trying out ideas or looking through the archive of inspirations that I've created, the Tolomeo is always in use. It directs light absolutely precisely onto my drafts, which I depend on, especially when I'm drawing or sketching.

I was sitting at my desk quite recently, switched the lamp on and started to sketch out a few ideas for my new exhibition. And suddenly, I felt as if I was in a film again: When the rest of my apartment is in darkness and only the Tolomeo is lit, the room awakens in a very special cinematic way. It just looks absolutely fascinating: the rear courtyard with this light … a film-maker's delight!"

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