My Tolomeo story

Laura Zalenga

“When did I first come across the Tolomeo?

It must have been when I was still at primary school, because it features in every work space in my mother's architectural practice. However, I don't have a Tolomeo of my own yet, because as a young artist, my whole income still goes on photographic equipment and on travelling. I like the mobility of the lamp, its soft light and the fact that the technical elements are not hidden, but actually become a design element. For me as a photographer, the photo shoot in the forest with the Tolomeo Mega was a very special experience. Even inside, the lamp spreads a wonderful light, but surrounded by the world of nature – in unusual surroundings – things take on a totally new perspective. In places that you normally only see by daylight, you notice how much beautiful lighting can change a place and breathe a touch of magic over it. And, in particular, it can add a depth of feeling.”

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