My Tolomeo story

Ritz Ritzer

"The Tolomeo first crossed my path in 1990 in Barcelona …

… when I was studying architecture there and working at "Arriola & Fiol Arquitectes". Every desk was equipped with one of these coveted lamps, which I, as a student, could hardly afford. So it was all the more wonderful that I was able to enjoy its qualities every day at my desk: The practical simplicity, the ease with which it could be moved, then staying exactly where you needed it – which is particularly important if you are drawing by hand. I am still fascinated today by its technical yet almost sensual appeal and, of course, the light from the Tolomeo, which it emits mainly downwards but also a little bit through the small opening on the top of the shade. The lamp still entrances me, never looks out of date, blends into almost any situation and is real fun to use. It's great that products of this type exist – with a practical function in an elegant form, timeless ... and mass-produced!"

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