My Tolomeo story

Malte Kramer

„The Tolomeo first crossed my path when I was a student ...

... at the time, I was working as an intern in the office of the Hamburg architect Jörg Hülf – and it was standing on all the desks there. I found the shape so unusual that initially I thought is was a custom-made design. Today, I know that Michele De Lucchi created the lamp for Artemide and why architects love the Tolomeo: it's an extremely functional design. Because it is movable it provides dazzle-free lighting. For me personally, the classic aluminium version with the matt lampshade has something pleasantly warm about it, which is why today we actually have two Tolomeos in our bedroom at home. Our sons George and William – one who's two and the other a few months old – are keeping us pretty busy at night at the moment. So when we're wide awake then and reach for a book, it's very practical that the Tolomeo can be adjusted so individually. At least the kids can carry on sleeping peacefully …”

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